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Update. August 2018. Sadly, this last academic year has seen more change and I have not had the opportunity to make bags with the pupils, so our tally has not increased. We have now amalgamated with the infant school and are now called Sunny Bank Primary School. My hours in school have changed again so I am unable to make any morsbags at school at the moment. Have decided to create a new pod linked to my church called St.Margaret's: A Brief history July 2015 Was expecting to be in class teaching today, but as I was not needed I decided to finish the half completed bags for the pupils to enjoy over the school summer break, increasing our total by 5. Every little helps. Early July 2015 Last after school club meeting today for the academic year, with a total number of bags made for the year standing at 20. October 2014 Now an after school club with 14 members, meeting weekly from 3.15 - 4pm. July 2014. Our first pod: Year 6 school leavers, studying Habitats as this term's topic, making a bag each during lunch break.


Sittingbourne, Kent
United Kingdom

35   total bags


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