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    Remember Sewvember for growing the number
    Of morsbags out in the world!

    Tracy Cushing of Two Doors Studio pod had a stroke of genius, suggesting that as many morsbaggers as possible make a bag a day throughout November, and it shows in the magnificent number of bags made worldwide last month.

    What a great motivator it proved to be for sewists all across the world to get busy in time for Christmas as 5623 bags were added to the global tally in November.
    I could see people had been called to action by the Sewvember challenge as 397 morsbags were added to the tally on 1st November alone.
    (And incidentally, December has got off to a flying start as well, with 323 bags added so far in the first day).

    Bag-making pods in Sewvember numbered 75.

    They were –
    Bagging Good Fun
    Sue’s Quilt Shop’s morsbags
    East Coast Morsbags
    Mrs So Bag
    Die Nähdamen
    Dandelion Eco Bags
    Butterfly Bags
    Niffy Bags
    The Chickadeez (and friends)
    Suzies @ Plas Dur
    LC Valley Morsbagger
    SheilaMatilda Bags
    Bude Baggers
    South Gwent Pod
    The old bag
    Monty Morsbags
    Sally South Bags
    Blu’s Bags
    Ely Borrow Bags
    St. Mary’s Craft Group
    Pickering Stitchers
    Claire Bear Morsbags
    Less is Mors
    Charity Bags
    Maison Pod
    Artists for Earth
    Libertyville Baggers
    Crafty Chatters of Lowdham
    Macs Bags
    Rejig Bags
    St Nick’s
    GB Stitches
    Spanish Main
    GT Bags
    Bartley Bagger
    Guy’s Marsh Prison
    Helping Handles
    Sue’s Mountsorrel
    Herne Bay Belles WI
    Western Cape Morsbags
    Cafe Chad
    Harborough Hit Bags
    Bags Galore
    Grayshott Bags
    Daisy Bags
    Halifax Raggedy Baggers
    Staffordshire Stitchers
    Duisbags – die Pottnaeher
    Jouvlie Baggers
    Squeak’s Bags
    The Vintage House Makes Bags
    Worth Stitchers
    Bull city bags
    Two Doors Studio

    I don’t know if ALL the pods that added bags had seen the Sewvember Challenge, but those that did seem to have stepped up to the mark and participated wholeheartedly.

    Welcome to the 21 new pods that registered in November!

    They are –
    Darn it! Upcyclers
    Blu’s Bags
    Charity Bags
    Libertyville Baggers
    Aqua Seascape
    Spanish Main
    BBK Charity
    Bartley Bagger
    EFS Bahrain
    TLT Morsbaggers
    RAF Benson
    Bags of Hope
    Staffordshire Stitchers
    Bull city bags
    Old baker
    Settle Age UK

    As usual, the pods that appear in both lists get double congratulations for not letting turtles and whales, or other marine life, starve if they can possibly help it, and getting those bags made and into peoples’ hands, purses and cars as soon as possible.
    Special mentions for two new pods based in charity shops. BBK Charity who joined 2 weeks ago, and Settle Age UK pod who joined on 30th November – they both added their first morsbags to the tally on 1st December. Congratulations on getting started everyone!

    Well done Quiltdyer of East Coast Morsbags pod who reached her target of 100 bags made so far on 30th November while participating in Sewvember. There’s a link to photos of some of her bags in the thread on the morsbags forum here –
    or here –

    The total number of morsbags made since 2007 when Pol and Joe founded this movement was 295,064 by the end of November 2018.
    That means that we need to make another 4936 to reach 300,000 morsbags made. Wouldn’t it be great to meet that target by New Year? We got off to a flying start as eleven pods added 323 bags on December 1st. What do you reckon? Will we be able to do it?

    Ann Montgomery
    Ann Montgomery

    Are you throwing down the gauntlet Beattie? Definately sounds like a challenge 😉 I shall keep sewing over Christmas, even if it is only to keep my mits off the mince pies 🙄 Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for keeping us in the picture. I really look forward to your monthly reports.


    Thank you Ann! I think we could make this challenge too, with a bit of luck, but Christmas takes a lot of time to arrange. Still, you are one of the big contributors at the moment, so you are doing your bit! Maybe other pods which only add bags sometimes, in big batches, may decide to have a pre-Christmas reckoning.

    Claire Bear Bags

    Hi everyone! I am Claire from “Claire Bear Morsbags”. You are all inspiring me to make more morsbags!

    Happy to see i am on the list who participated in Sewvember! I did make quite a few but didn’t manage one every day. I did however, make 2 morsbags on the first day of December so i am happy to have contributed two to the 321 other morsbags made on the 1st. I have reached 70 morsbags by 1st December. I will try and make it to 100 as soon as i can. Got my new labels all good to go. Happy December people! Keep on morsbagging! X


    Lovely to hear from you Claire! I know Tracy who thought up SewVember will be thrilled to read that the challenge inspired you to make more bags. I’m just combing the numbers but it worked with people and pods all across the world.

    Did you see Claire Morsman’s post on Facebook? It’s on Morsbags Sociable Guerilla Bagging’s post from 1st December. Part of it reads –
    “Well done to everyone who joined in and completed – here at HQ (temporarily relocated to Morocco) we still have 6 days to go – purposely, of course, so that others who may have struggled timewise can feel comforted. 😉There’s still time! Please post your excuses as to why you haven’t finished Sewvember below! #majorplumbingissue #catrescue #sickdaughters #catchupisok”

    Congratulations, I see your name on the list of bag-making pods frequently! 🙂

    Claire Bear Bags

    Hi Beattie ,
    likewise nice to hear from you. Yes Sewvrmber has definitely motivated me more to try and sew more than i normally would. I have just made 4 more morsbags today so i am catching up few days left. Yes i saw the post on the facebook page. What pod are you part of Beattie? It is amazing how so many people are all inspired by Sewvember around the world. I started morsbagging in february march time as i received two morsbags from a friend and i checked this website out and then started making them as it is an excellent physio activity for me to get strengths in my legs arms and hands as i have deconditioning of muscles and weak limbs due to FND ( functional neurological disorder – similar to MS but affects central nervous system function). I have only been able to sew on ‘good days’ where pain and fatigue aren’t overpowering me. Morsbagging gives me a purpose and helps me in lots of ways so i shall carry on the morsbagging . Glad to hear i am seen on the lists as you said. Thanks for your further encouragement!


    Naturally, Tracy is interested how the Morsbags Sewvember Challenge went numbers-wise and did it have a noticeable effect? So I combed through my stats reports for the last four or so years and constructed the spreadsheet I should have made years ago.

    The numbers are in and verified and the results are amazing!

    morsbags combined graphs

    What do you think?
    (The occasional gaps early on are from when I lost the piece of paper I was keeping the numbers on before I composed the report.)

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    I’m sorry to hear of your health challenges Claire Bear. Isn’t it good to find an activity that you enjoy and can do when you’re able to, that keeps mind and body doing what they can, and that benefits wildlife and the environment in so many ways as well. 😀

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